Time flies when you’re having fun!  Here’s a recap of the last five months:

  • Resubmitted my application to UC Davis on April 4th without new GMAT scores.  Just couldn’t do it again.  I’m too old to waste time like that. 
  • Didn’t have a warm-fuzzy feeling about my chances so I researched more MBA programs.
  • I moved into our Corporate Development department in April and now working on acquisitions full-time.  Global domination coming up … need a global perspective.  And an MBA more than ever.
  • Found St. Mary’s College of California’s new Trans-global MBA program (http://www.stmarys-ca.edu/academics/schools/school-of-economics-and-business-administration/graduate-business/global-executive-mba.html)!  WOW!  A great school and a global focus.  And no GMAT required.  Gotta love private institutions!
  • Submitted my application and glowing references.  I’m in!!!! 

So, here I am.  Ready to start my MBA program at St. Mary’s on 6/11 at the age of 43.  It’s a totally intense program and I’m scared witless.  I finally have something to write about!  More details on the program to come.

Not even a “Dear John” letter from UC Davis … jeez.  How rude.