I’m still here. A lot has transpired since I last posted. Shall I recap?

  1. Decided not to retake the GMAT right now.
  2. Decided not to go to UC Davis this year.
  3. Having too much fun with everything else.
  4. Going to re-apply to UC Davis for 2008.

Agonizing … feelings of guilt … chewing over and over again everything in my mind. And finally coming to the conclusion that although I really want to get my MBA, I’m not ready to do it this year.  I have too much going on.  What in the world was I thinking?

I have to be realistic. I am 43 years old.  I have a lovely family, and nice job, friends, two podcasts and learning Italian! Che bello! And I guess all that is more important that starting school this year.  My daughter will be out of high school next year, and I’ll have more time to re-learn algebra and geometry!  I’ve even been knocking around the idea of quitting my job or working part time to go back to school. Shhhh.  Don’t tell my boss …. or husband.  😉

I’m going to keep the blog but probably won’t update too often unless there is something to let you all know about on the school front! I’ve got the GMAT rescheduled for December 15th and will probably pick up my study books sometime soon.  Every time I think about it I still get a bit itchy! 


GMAT.  Those four little letters … coming back to haunt me.

I went to my interview last Wednesday and it went pretty well – from my point of view. I interviewed with one of the Associate Directors of the program, very nice woman, had a nice chat, wow’d the group with my presentation on my podcast experiences.  All in all, not a bad experience.

However, at one point in the interview, the interviewer asked me, and I quote, “So, tell me about your experience with the GMAT”. I laughed and said it wasn’t very positive. I made some joke about how no one over the age of 30 should have to take the test … cruel and unusual punishment and all that. Then she asked, “If the admissions committee asked you to take the test again, what would you say?”. I didn’t laugh. I waited a couple of seconds for the screaming in my head to stop and then told her I would take it again.  Oh, my, god.  I can’t believe I said that.

Okay, so that was last Wednesday.  Feeling positive … enrolled in a couple more classes over the summer … I know that I’ll hear something one way or the other by the end of the month.  Then I get a call this afternoon.

Guess who? The interviewer calls me to say the admissions committee would like me to take the GMAT again.  They are concerned about my ability to get through the program because of my low quant score. And they want me to take it by the end of June.  I need a higher score to be competitive in the pool of applicants.  Which I can understand. If they have highly qualified applicants and those applicants have higher GMAT scores, then I guess they could have just red lined me and be done with it.  But, they must see some potential in order to give me another shot at the GMAT. And what they are looking for isn’t impossible to obtain.  What the interviewer conveyed to me was that she was confident there would be a spot for me if I did better on the GMAT.  I guess she can’t come right out and say if I have a higher GMAT score I’ll be accepted.

I can’t believe I have to study for the GMAT again. I was so happy to be done and over with that test! But, I need to do better and better I will do.  I’m still in shock. I’ll post again when I get my wits back and let you know what I am planning on doing differently this time.

Zippp… we’re now at the night before my big interview with UC Davis! My, how time flies when you’re busy!  I’m a little nervous but not as much as I thought I would be.  In normal form, I haven’t put together any notes yet for my 5-minute presentation but I’m going to talk about my experience with podcasting so it shouldn’t be too hard. I think the hardest part will be to limit what I talk about for 5 minutes!

I wonder now if I should have thought about what kind of questions they will ask me in the interview portion.  It’s been a while since I’ve interviewed with anyone. Will it be like a job interview?  I’m very confident about why I want to attend UC Davis and think I’ll be able to clearly articulate my reasons.  I feel like I may not have prepared enough for the interview … enough?  How about at all? But, hey, I’m a professional!  I’m used to talking with people, clearly and persuasively, about all sorts of things.  I think it will be fine.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

It’s been a while since I posted anything.  Frankly, because nothing exciting on the MBA front had been going on. I’m still taking the microecon class and tonight is my first test. Scantrons are still being used???? Wow, it has been a while since I’ve been in school.  I decided to try and take the Statistics class on-line along with the Financial Accounting class over the summer. 

But now I have some exciting news! I received an e-mail from UC Davis asking me to come in for an interview for their MBA program! I am so jazzed!  I’ve been out of town the last week, first to attend the Manager Tools Effective Manager Conference in Washington, DC (if you don’t know about Manager Tools – check them out!) and then to Indiana to visit family.  So it had been a while since I checked my personal e-mail but I’m so glad I did!  I’m scheduled for the interview on May 9th! Part of the interview is to give a five-minute presentation (without any visual aids) on a topic other than the program.  Of course, the topic will be something to do with podcasting!  I am not a very good speaker so I am going to beg and plead with my friend Wayne, who is a Toastmasters muckety-muck, to help me polish my presentation. Thank the gods (BSG fan?) for friends!

This interview is a very good indication that I will be accepted … as long as I don’t mess up the interview! In one of the admissions workshops I attended through UC Davis, one of the admissions directors told the group that they only extend invitations to the applicants they are planning on admitting.  I guess my 530 GMAT score wasn’t a complete deal-breaker! Looking good!

Okay, back to studying for the test tonight and catching up on all my work e-mail!

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My last posting was a bit out of character. As you may have guessed, I didn’t do well at all on the GMAT. Putting it in financial terms, I didn’t receive a good return on my investment. I knew I was going to have trouble but I honestly thought I would get at least a 600 on the test. I ended up with a 530. So embarrassing…

Like I have said before, it is what it is. I did my best on my essays, submitted my application to UC Davis, and now it is just a matter of waiting to see what they come back with. If Davis finds me worthy because of my strong professional background, leadership potential, great references, my ability to pay the $60K for the tuition, and I work for a company that is a strong supporter ($) of their program, then I will step up proudly, work my keester off and get a Masters at an academic institution worthy of my time!

But, every smart girl has a Plan B …

Plan B1: Research other programs, pick a few others to apply to, and start my MBA program somewhere other than UC Davis.

Plan B2: Hire a tutor, study more for the GMAT, take the GMAT again and get a stellar score, reapply to UC Davis, get accepted and start the program in 2008.

Neither option for my Plan B is exciting me in any way, shape, or form, but those are my options.

I musn’t forget that I am still taking classes to support a successful start to my UC Davis MBA program! I had this last week off because of Spring Break (too funny! I can’t remember a time when I had time off because of Spring Break!) but back on the Microeconomic’s horse again starting tomorrow night. I was too busy licking my wounds all week to really do any reading, so in usual fashion, I am cramming all day today to make sure I am caught up to Chapter 5 in time for class. Missing out spending Easter with my family! I’m reading each chapter outloud and recording so I can do additional studying while I’m driving to and from work. Making my own audiobook!

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Is this something a 42 year-old woman should be saying?

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I will be taking the GMAT in approximately 25 hours. My admissions application will be due a day later. I don’t have my resume updated. I don’t have my essays written. I’m getting dumber by the minute … literally. I keep taking practice tests and each time I get a lower score. And yet, I’m moving forward. At this point, it is what it is. I will take the score I get, do my best to sell myself via 750 words or less, and cross my fingers.

Everything that I have struggled with this much in my life has always been worth it. I’m counting on this whole experience being worth it as well.

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