Story of an old broad getting an MBA … This blog is to document my journey towards obtaining my MBA.

I’m Dina, 42 years old, married, one teenager at home, a project manager by trade. I decided last year that I wanted to get my MBA so I would have more career opportunities. I have a BS in Information Technology and most of my projects for the last 10 years have been IT-related with very little “business”.  I’m a bit older than the typical MBA student and gainfully employed so I am applying to the Working Professionals MBA program through University of California at Davis.  This is the only program I am interested in so wish me luck!


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Hey Dina,

    Great idea for a blog! Just wanted to ask you to check out http://www.manhattangmat.com, its a GMAT preparation company. We also have a blog and we would love to have you on our blogroll: http://www.manhattangmat.com/blog .


  2. bombosch Says:

    Hey Dina!

    I was trying to catch up with you. Hope all is well with MBA. Miss controlling chaos. Ping me: bombosch@gmail.com


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