Wow, ever since I hit Bangalore it has been non stop!  The weather here is much nicer than in Delhi – cool, breezy, not too humid. The hotel we’re staying at and doing our presentations and a few short classes is nice.  Not like the Hyatt but nice.  Here is a quick video of the view from my window!

We did our presentation on the 12th and it went really well.  Here is a picture of my team (Chris, Desi, Nick and I) before we got up and presented for an hour and a half!SANY0035  Everyone did really well on their presentations and there is an amazing sense of relief and accomplishment for having the projects DONE! 

Yesterday, we had a few lecturers in from TAPMI, which is a post-graduate business school here in Bangalore to speak about business in India.  A really neat part of the day was that the TAPMI panelists gave us a formal welcome in Indian custom: there was a lighting of a lamp ceremony that took place with several members of the session along with a nice small speech translated from Sanskrit and some beautiful music.  They explained that this was the Indian way of kicking off an “auspicious occasion”. I really liked it!  I wish I would have had my camera on for it but I’ll try and post a picture from someone else’s camera!

The main speaker of the day was Mr. Sharad Heda, CEO of Microland – Global Tech Support Business, and he spoke to us about IT in India.  Very engaging presentation and presenter.  Most of the discussion was on why India does so well in IT and outsourcing services – most of it I knew already but still had some interesting facts and figures. 

The second half of the day was traveling to Infosys for a quick presentation with one of their Senior VP’s and saw Bangalore for the first time outside of our hotel.  Wow.  What an eye opener.  I took some video from the bus on the way there just to capture a bit of what I saw. 

Unfortunately, my batteries ran out by the time we got to Infosys and I recorded a discussion our group had with one of the VP’s of Infosys. We took a short tour of the campus (80 acres!) with the program manager of training for the Bangalore campus – she was originally from Seattle and came to Infosys as an intern.  One of the few non-Indian people I saw at the company that day.  She must be pretty darn bright – she was a Fulbright Scholar!  Since I don’t have pictures, just imagine Microsoft’s campus in Washington or Google but with electrified fensing all around the joint and guards in military garb and AK-47s … seriously.