It is hot and sticky.

There.  I said it.  I won’t complain about it anymore.

Got in to Delhi last night about 8:30pm and felt like I walked into a different place in the world.  Which, of course, I did. I was really worried about getting in by myself but frankly, I freaked out over nothing. My baggage came off the plane within 10 minutes of landing, no on e accosted me, I grabbed a luggage cart (free, by the way), pushed my cart outside and saw my driver waiting for me.  I wish I would have remembered his name – he was a very lovely young man who was very polite and personable. 

Some initial thoughts on Delhi:

  • It is hot and sticky – but I already mentioned that
  • There are guards with guns (like riffles) all over the airport and on the streets around the airport – I asked my driver about that and he said they were there to protect the airport.  More than police, less than army, he explained.
  • They drive on the opposite side of the road, with the drivers side being on the right – just like in the UK. 
  • Indians drive like maniacs.  Seriously. My driver was amazing just trying to stay out of everyone’s way.  This isn’t a stereotypical statement – my driver said the same thing. How a visitor could drive in this city is beyond me. And non-stop honking. He said no one ever keeps a car looking nice and just on the 20 minute drive to the hotel, we saw two accidents. 
  • When we pulled up to the hotel (the Hyatt Regency is really nice!), we had to pull up to a few men that opened the hood of the car and took a mirror to check the underside of the car. They were checking for bombs. Yikes.
  • I couldn’t go into the hotel until I went through a metal detector, my bags were scanned (they don’t let you take your own luggage into the hotel – I assume to scan them too) and I was wanded.  Kind of eye opening.
  • So far, everyone have been so polite and speak english quite well.
  • Saw many tents pitched along side the roads and so many people out walking, even on the busy streets with no sidewalks.  It was dark so it was hard to see but the neighborhoods didn’t look very affluent.
  • I saw these really cute little green and yellow cars everywhere- I think they are taxis.  I have to find out about those.

My evening at the Hyatt was restful and peaceful.  I slept well and woke up about 6am.  I did a little video of my first look outside my hotel window:

I’m off to my massage and to explore the hotel a bit!