I’m not even in India yet and already making friends! I bought an Acer netbook to take with me on the trip instead of lugging around my Dell but needed to load Microsoft Office apps on it. Of course, couldn’t find my CD anywhere so decided to download a trial version and then call Microsoft to get the registration key. After paying my $49 for support, I was almost instantaneously chatting with Babu, my very own Microsoft tech! He said he was able to help me and told me to click on a link he sent to me. It was a link to a site called Magic al Jelly Beans. Okay … I’m a little suspicious … I say, “hey Babu, you’re not sending me to a site that is going to load a bunch of stuff on my system and steal all my passwords, are you?”. He says “oh, no, Dina. I would never do that to you! Please trust me.” You know what they say about people who tell you to trust them, don’t you?

Anyway, being the renegade that I am, I went to the site. And it is a shareware site to find your reg keys for software! I am paying Microsoft $49 to direct me to a free shareware site to fix my problem! I thought that was hysterical! And of course, Babu didn’t understand why I thought this was so funny. But, within about 10 seconds I had a little window pop up with all my registration keys for all my loaded Microsoft applications! Hey, whatever works … I just hope that Microsoft sends the poor developers of Magical Jelly Beans a cut of my $49 fee. That’s only fair.

So Babu fixed my issue and then proceeds to ask me where I am located and he tells me he’s in Bangalore. I told Babu that I am going to be in Bangalore on Tuesday. Babu thought that was very fortuitous and would like to meet me there to show me around. I’ve got Babu hitting on me over chat! And I thought that was even funnier than getting charged for accessing shareware to find my registration key! So, I thanked him very much for the offer but I didn’t think my husband would be happy if I were to meet a strange man in Bangalore for a tour of city. Can someone sound dejected over a chat window? If you could, poor Babu did.

Fun adventures even before leaving my house! I’m on my way to India as I write – hanging out at SFO waiting for my plane to Chicago to take off! I can’t believe this trip is finally happening!