I haven’t checked in lately so I thought I’d do an update!  It is now 2008 and almost deja vu …. I’m back to studying for the GMAT again. I am planning on reapplying for UC Davis’ MBA program but will have to wait for the second round applications.  I was shooting to complete the GMAT before the first round; however, never got my act together over the holidays enough to even pick up my study books!  So I rescheduled it (for the third time) and have it booked for March 22nd! 

I’m actually not doing too badly.  It appears that whatever stuck in my head from last year’s studying is still there.  My fabulous friend, Wayne, is helping me out with the problems I don’t get. I buy him lunch and we work during our break. Cheapest tutor I could find – works for food, literally! 

The lion’s share of my application is still valid (even the essay questions are the same) so I’ll be updating my resume, updating my essays a bit and will have my application in by the deadline of April 4th.
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